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my deskpro is faulty

Occasional Contributor

my deskpro is faulty

Dear Pc docs my compaq deskpro PII 400Mhz with a single riser connector which accommodates the VGA card. When I switch it on the system display an error "SYSTEM BOARD FAILURE", how can solve this problem but the removal swappable devices are all working. Another issue the power supply was blown so I exchanged it with an ATI type and the problem
Pls help
Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: my deskpro is faulty

Hi Newton,
Looks like the motherboard is damaged. Try to turn on the pc with only the following devices connected.
1 processor
2 memory,
3 VGA card (and monitor)
4 keyboard

This is the minimal configuration for boot, some devices on your system may be onboard.

If that does not work try resetting the Bios, there should be a jumper on the motherboard, or just remove the battery for a while.

But I hate to bring bad news, but I think your motherboard is dead.

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Ramesh Pakkath
Honored Contributor

Re: my deskpro is faulty

I feel Ronald is right. If the BIOS reset does not help, you will have to replace the motherboard.
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Re: my deskpro is faulty this the same Deskpro your customer brought in around April 4-5th?

If the power supply was blown, that customer must know there could be other serious damage and you must not blame yourself for any failure to "fix" something so badly damaged.

You cannot "manufacture" parts.

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