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network card problems

Kent Barton
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network card problems

Our school has one Pavilion 6360 w/98 on it. tried to install SMC network card, no luck. Loaded NT still no luck, now I'm loading 98 again. Please help me. I have 6 hrs in this network card.
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Re: network card problems

Kent, there are a couple of things you need to check. Boot to dos and on the driver disk with the SMC card there should be a program called either EZSTART.EXE or EZSETUP.EXE depending on which card you have. If it is the 16bit SMC8416 then try setting the card using this tool at IRQ5, IO Mapped and port 240 then save. If it is an SMC9432, make sure it is set to the speed of your network i.e. 100Mb Full Duplex or 10Mb Half Duplex etc. - autodetect is not always reliable.
We had some problems with 9432 cards in HP Vectra VL600-7 machines and noticed that in the BIOS there was a "reset configuration data" option - we set this to YES and card worked. Don't know if this option exists in your HP but worth a look.
One other thing. Is there a sound card or any 16 bit card conflicting with it?
Hope this helps....
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