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ntbackup runing in background


ntbackup runing in background

hi all,

i have setup ntbackup for daily jobs,
it's working ok, reports/backups, but there is one thing
that is weird to me.
NTbackup is running in the background and I can't see it on
my screen.

i can see it on the task manager but not on screen.
how to bring it back to desktop ??


Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: ntbackup runing in background

If you did this through the scheduler, there should be an option to run in forground, or interact with desktop.

"Do or do not. There is no try!" - Yoda
Honored Contributor

Re: ntbackup runing in background

Did you try the option "bring to front" from task manager?

just asking for my information that If you scheduling it why u want it in front?
R u using any specific switch to run it?

"/t" switch is for silent mode so u wont see if u r using this switch in command.