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problem regarding os

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problem regarding os

when i bought lap it has one recovery (d)and general(c ) hd space ,,,i shink  700  gb(c) to 350 (c drive),350(in to  f,g,h drives )

i recovered(made dvds only  recovery(d),, i did"nt take  take any backup ,,,,,,,,,i wanna  change os now by using recovery dvds if  so the data that present in f,g,h drives wiil vanish or only the data in (c) will vanish 

            and plzhelp how to change os by using this recovery dvds plz mail to this id if u find solution 



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Dennis Handly
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Re: problem regarding OS

(This is the wrong category for questions like this.)


What model laptop do you have?  What Windows version?  And change to what version?

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Re: problem regarding os

There is a general Windows operating system forum at, and forums for different types of notebooks (laptops) at,


Depending on how you want to begin your line of questioning, you can either start from the operating system, or the computer itself. Both are good places to start.


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