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problems deleting from toolbar

Dennis Alston
Occasional Contributor

problems deleting from toolbar

my probems are 1. deleting items from toolbar such as netscape messenger,navigator,realplayer G2,show desktop, and wiew channels. 2. going into my computer and auto delete and certain things still remains. help please!!!
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Mike McKinlay
Honored Contributor

Re: problems deleting from toolbar

Dennis, a little more info, please.

What OS are you running? To what toolbar are you referring? The QuickLaunch toolbar from Windows Active Desktop? A third-party toolbar? If QLWAD, what version of IE are you running?

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Re: problems deleting from toolbar

I assume that by "toolbar" you mean the system tray on the right-hand side of the taskbar.

The program icons that appear in the system tray are typically a result of applications that have been configured to run when the machine is started. There are two places that you will typically find these applications defined:

1) In the StartUp folder on the Start Menu. Removing shortcuts from this folder won't delete any programs, but will keep them from running at startup time.

2) In the system registry (regedit.exe) under the following key

Any entries under that key also represent programs that are launched at startup time.

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James Odak
Valued Contributor

Re: problems deleting from toolbar

The view channel thing sounds like that MSN network garbage that sets up automaticly ...for that you have to go into the MIE settings and there is option to load channel browser on start up
make sure that is off

As for the rest you have some good intruction above ..the start menu and registry is where to go

Dennis Ng
Regular Advisor

Re: problems deleting from toolbar

1. If removing programs, please use CP | Add/Remove Prog. (unistall).
2. If removing from Office toolbar, right click and uncheck/delete shortcut.
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