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slow boot in XP?

ian hamilton
Occasional Visitor

slow boot in XP?

i have just reinstalled XP back on to my pavilion 491,when i re-boot i get the black screen ,a white loading bar at the bottom ,,after about 2-3 mins.XP boots up,,ive tryed in the BIOS but nothing seems to solve this,,please help?
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: slow boot in XP?

Get the latest BIOS from:


Then go to the setup screen and select Boot then Boot-time Diagnostic Screen and see if there is an option to skip the memory check (sometimes called fast boot).

Also there should be an option for the boot order in there somewhere. Letting it boot from the harddrive first will make it come up the fatest tho if you ever need to boot from a CD or floppy you will have to remember to come back to setup and change it. Make sure it is not trying to boot from the network.

Make sure you save any changes when you exit.

Make sure you install the HP patch for the SP1 problem.


Then go to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com and get the latest XP patches.



and turn off anything you don't need.

Robie Lutsey
Frequent Advisor

Re: slow boot in XP?

You can also get a BootVis tool from Microsoft that visually displays the boot process so you can see where the hold up is. Link Below!!


ian hamilton
Occasional Visitor

Re: slow boot in XP?

Thanks alot for your help Ron,,its much appresiated!your helpfull soloutions have solved the problm,,cheers!