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system resources

rick rhodes
Occasional Visitor

system resources

please help get my system resources to 80%+. they are at 64%

Dan Hull
Regular Advisor

Re: system resources

You don't say what OS you are running, so it's difficult to know where to
start. The most obvious place is in your startup folder. Anything that's
running on startup is eating up resources. Make sure you get rid of anything
you don't really need running everytime you boo tup (like ICQ, AIM, etc.)

If you are running Windows 98, go to your START menu and select "run", then
type "msconfig" and press OK. This will run the hidden Windows configuration
editor, which will tell you about other things running at startup that may not
be in your startup directory. As always though, be careful. If you don't know
what something is, you may not want to change it.

If you have less than 64 Megs of RAM, you may want to consider getting up to at
least that much.