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OSS - cannot make it work

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OSS - cannot make it work



Got NS 2402, OSS there was never working (..unable to mount.. message while trying to start it; unfortunately do not remember exactly its content). Tried to reinstall it, did:


- ossremov (successfull)

- osssetup (successful as well)


Problem is that even if installation was ok, OSS still does not work; error message is as below:




osh[12]: unable to run /bin/sh, error (4002, 110, 4002): current working directory error
STOPPED: 0,1049
CPU time: 0:00:00.002
4: Process did not start




Could maybe anyone advice what may be the reason?


Thank you in advance & regards




Paul Kurtz
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Re: OSS - cannot make it work



DId a brief search on HPSC, and found this solution.




There are a couple of issues that could cause this, make sure /home/user is secured correctly and user setup in safecom.


INFO USER <userid>,OSS


Are you running osh as super.super when getting error or a user like operator.user?

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Re: OSS - cannot make it work

Hello Paul,


Thank you for the answer, unfortunately I can not open page you've linked; regarding user - yes, I am using super.super. What you ment by 'make sure /home/user is secured correctly '?




Paul Kurtz
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Re: OSS - cannot make it work

Reading the support note, 



CAUSE:User's initial-directory in Safeguard configured for non-existent directory in OSS filespace (error 4002, 110, 4002), or one of it's parent directories is not secured for execute by the user (error 4005,110,4013).

Or OSSREMOV removed the active HOME directory and using OSSSETUP hereafter created an empty fileset HOME only


As SUPER.SUPER (or as the owner of the Safeguard record you want to change) run SAFECOM and do a INFO USER <userid>,OSS
Note the INITIAL-DIRECTORY configured for the user. Alter it to an existing directory:


where /home/xyz actually is an existing directory in OSS.

If directory exists then it must be secured for the user to have at least read and execute access, but better would be secured for the user to be the owner and have read, write and execute permission, The group may not, but other (the rest of the world) should not have any permission. As an example, the directory is owned by SUPER.SUPER and the user is SUPER.WEB (a member of the SUPER group) SUPER.SUPER could modify the directory thus:

# chmod 750 /usr/tandem/webserver
# chown super.web:SUPER /usr/tandem/webserver
resulting in /usr/tandem/webserver being secured with read/execute access for the group:
drwxr-x---   1 SUPER.WEB	SUPER	4096 Dec 10 10:56 webserver

Note: it may happen that changing the initial-directory will not be taken into account by the system until all users for the modified entry have logged off and on again.

If none of the above suggestions apply, then determine if the directory is a mount-point for a fileset.  If it is, analyse the state of that fileset, and employ corrective measures (if needed).

Esp. if you get the error (4005, 110, 4013): Have a close look at the permissions of the parent directories of the user's home, e.g. for /home/yxz both, the / and the /home directory need to grant execute permission to the user in question (usually that means to all).


This might not be your problem, because you can't run osh from tacl with super.super.


Also see doc, http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?sp4ts.oid=4201434&docId=emr_na-c02123793&docLocale=en_US







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Re: OSS - cannot make it work



huge thank You for Your help. The answer was there was no subdirs (user home directories) in "/home". Having changed initial-directory of super.super for sth that exists (eg. bare "/home"), osh run correctly.


Kind regards,

Remi Cieslak

Paul Kurtz
Valued Contributor

Re: OSS - cannot make it work

Very Good!