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Tandem enscribe file hit error 28.

Occasional Contributor

Tandem enscribe file hit error 28.

Recently my java socket hit error 28 when try to write record in tandem enscribe file.
Look like i have issue with concurrent situation.


com.tandem.ext.enscribe.EnscribeFileException: File write error. File error 28


To solve it, i increase its syndepth to max to allow more transaction to write into the file.
But, while performing stress testing by sent in 300 trx simulataneously,
about 12 of this errors occur. I made up some solutions for this issue by :-


- add more opener to the enscribe file. When hit err 28,
use another opener to write. Not likely to solve the issue,
it just reduce the possibility to hit error 28.

- suspend, delay and wait availabilty of enscribe file to
be written. This method so risk, bcoz the socket have process timeout

can cause trx to abort.


Is there any permanent solution to not hit error 28? Any idea or suggestion?




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