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A few random questions

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Mike Gende
Occasional Contributor

A few random questions

Hello There,

Thanks for the great responses to my last thread. A very responsive, helpful group. I've done a lot of reading lately but please allow me to ask a couple of new questions:

When our (recently purchased after-market) Alpha Server 1000a 5/400 RM initially boots, I get the >>> prompt. Is that a "bios type" prompt (don't know how else to describe it)? I then boot from the disk I've installed VMS on.

I've got some shrink-wrapped OpenVMS 7.1 here (which I used to install on one of my 13 outboard drives) but need a boat load of licenses (which I don't have). Anybody have a source for resonably priced VMS and layered product licenses?

In a more Alpha specific question, I want to upgrade the memory in this box to a gig. Does anyone know if just standard ECC memory will work or do I need to order something special?

Again, any pointers would be most appreciated.


Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: A few random questions

cheapest way to get licence for software development (if you don't qualify for the hobbyist programme) is the dspp progrmme

for the memory - seek out some Kingson memory - they made compatable memory that was a lot cheaper than memory from Digital.

The >>> prompt is sometimes known as the dead sargent prompt :-)
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Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: A few random questions


if you powerup your AlphaServer, you will get to the SRM or console prompt >>>
Think of it as some kind of BIOS command line prompt.

From the console prompt, you can boot from your system disk and/or set some environment variables (see >>> SHOW *).

If you want to buy additional hardware for this system, consider to visit the AlphaServer 1000A system options page:


Honored Contributor

Re: A few random questions


Most Alpha systems have both the SRM and ARC/AlphaBIOS console in their firmware. On one of these machines, if your machine starts up with ARC/AlphaBIOS by default, you can switch to SRM through the "Console Selection" option in the Advanced CMOS Setup menu. To make the change permanent, you should set the os_type environment variable in SRM to "OpenVMS" or "Unix", like this: >>> set os_type Unix

Reg Lic: I recently contacted so many North American resellers asn asked for their quote for few Alpha servers and licenses. There is a big price diff among them. I aslo asked HP to send the quote for the same. Among those, I found reasonable price from HP and two other resellers only. I have given those contatcs below for your info, try to call them to know the prices reasonlable for you.

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John Travell
Valued Contributor

Re: A few random questions

Previous replies do not seem to me to have properly clarified the License issue. It all depends what you want to do with the machine.
A simplified view follows.

1. Purely personal interest, no commercial activity including development of something you intend to SELL. Go for Hobbyist license.

2. Development of something you intend to SELL, but no commercial production activity. DSPP license. http://www.hp.com/go/dspp

3. Commercial production activity. Full licenses.
Stanley F Quayle
Valued Contributor

Re: A few random questions

I had incredible pain getting VMS licenses directly from HP. On licenses, you need to know the "pre-merger" part number, but no one at HP Sales has a way to figure out the part number.

I work with a HP license reseller now. If you're looking for full commercial licenses, email me at quayle@pobox.com and I'll pass on her contact information.
Mike Gende
Occasional Contributor

Re: A few random questions

Thanks for the responses, just what I was looking for. I'm going to contact a couple of you off-list to get some contact info for licensing. Again, many thanks to all.

Mike Gende