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ACMS Caching error

Nicky Garroch
Occasional Visitor

ACMS Caching error

I have just installed an Itanium. We now have a mixed platform of Alpha's and Itanium. When I try to to sign onto an alpha and select to cache a form from an Itanium I get an acms caching error.

When I check the ACMS manual (5.1) for acms$multiple_submitter_platforms the example is from vax to alpha.

What do I do for alpha to itanium or can I remove caching altogether. If so how?
Bill Hall
Honored Contributor

Re: ACMS Caching error


I am not the "corporate ACMS expert" but I believe you need to build your form on your Integrity server, which you probably have already done. A copy of your form image must be renamed to indicate to the back-end server for which front-end platform the form image been built for.

So if your application has form image by the name of MYFORM.EXE, you'll need to build it on Alpha and rename it MYFORM.EXE_AXP. Then build it on Itegrity and rename the image MYFORM.EXE_I64. If you mix a VAX front-end into this, you would build the form image on a VAX and rename the image to MYFORM.EXE_VAX and copy it to the back-end server for deployment to other VAX front-end servers.

Did I make that clear as mud???
Bill Hall