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About syslog_ng tool on Openvms

Occasional Advisor

About syslog_ng tool on Openvms

Hi all,
Is there anyone who know syslog_ng tool on Openvms ? What kind of event will the tool record ? will it cost a lot of mem and cpu resource ?
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: About syslog_ng tool on Openvms

I know nothing, but Google found:


which makes it look like a fancy version of a
normal UNIX "syslogd".

Assuming that you could build it on VMS,
which looks non-trivial to me, I don't think
that you'll find very many programs on a
typical VMS system which are trying to send
messages to a "syslogd".

Is there some problem which you are trying to
solve? If so, it's more likely that there's
some existing VMS tool which will work better
than some UNIX-oriented tool.