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Advanced Server netlogon service wont start

Gerry Downey
Frequent Advisor

Advanced Server netlogon service wont start

Hi all,
I had to move an Alpha onto a new domain so I upgraded Advanced Server to V7.3A and it seemed to join the domain ok. I can log on to the domain from the Alpha and see all the user accounts, however I cant map shares, the NETLOGON service wont start, when I try to start it manually I get the message

%PWRK-I-SVCOPWAIT, attempting to start the "NETLOGON" service on "PRMAXP"
%PWRK-E-SVCOPFAILED, start of service "NETLOGON" on "PRMAXP" failed
-LM-E-SVCFAILAUTH, service failed to authenticate with primary domain controller

Any ideas?

Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Advanced Server netlogon service wont start

Some thoughts:

- actual version is V7.3A-Eco4
- VMS is backup domain controller in a WinNT domain?
- or is this a member server?
- any errors in the eventlogs or ADMIN/ANAL?

regards Kalle
David B Sneddon
Honored Contributor

Re: Advanced Server netlogon service wont start


Go through the SYS$UPDATE:PWRK$CONFIG procedure
again so that you have to respecify the username
/password to join the domain, then restart.
I had an issue yesterday where the netlogon service
would not start and went through this same process
(there was nothing in the logfiles or event logs
to indicate why authentication was failing)
and now things are OK...
(we are essentially dealing with weendoze issues