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Advanced Server to Win2000 Active Directory OU

Wayne Hagan
Occasional Visitor

Advanced Server to Win2000 Active Directory OU

I'm running Advanced Server v7.3 in an NT4 domain. I need to move my server from my NT4 domain to an OU in our corporate Win2000 native-mode domain. I've seen documents that says AS v7.3 should be able to do it. However, I've not seen anything showing HOW to do it (i.e. what commands to use). Of concern besides the basic how is that when a W2K client is added to that domain, an approved domain administrator must get on the client to enter an account & password during the setup/connection to the Win2k domain. This is a concern because I don't know how AS would handle that.

Ian Miller.
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Re: Advanced Server to Win2000 Active Directory OU

Are you running the latest and last V7.3A ECO4 version?

I assume you have seen the various docs at

which say AS can be a member server.

There is a section changing roles

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