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An OpenVMS Wiki server?

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Richard Helmke_2
Occasional Advisor

An OpenVMS Wiki server?

I've been asked to implement a wiki server for a small project(or two). I'd like something using simple flat datafiles running on VMS 8.3A or VMS 7.3-2 (Alphaserver) with Apache (aka. SWS). Otherwise I'll be forced to look at Windows or RedHat for something. Thanks,
Honored Contributor

Re: An OpenVMS Wiki server?

Most any php-based wiki tool or web CMS should port over and work on OpenVMS, though many will likely require a database such as MySQL.

Both php and MySQL are available for OpenVMS.

The easiest way to set up the prerequisite platform pieces involves loading and installing the VAMP kit.

There was a wiki thread or two in comp.os.vms a month or two back, including references to http://www.qwikiwiki.com/ and PMWIKI in the thread. (Search for pmwiki or such, as searching for wiki will leave you slogging through some other and unrelated c.o.v. discussions.)

Microsoft Windows, FC, RHEL, Mac OS X and other platforms are also alternatives for this task, as well. (If you'd like to discuss this topic off-line, feel free to contact me. I've been dealing with some related bits for a while now.)

Stephen Hoffman
Jean-François Piéronne
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Re: An OpenVMS Wiki server?

MoinMoin (http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/)
work on OpenVMS and used flat files as backend.

It can run as a standalone server using a embedded Web server or as a WASD CGIplus process. If you are stuck with Apache you can use it directly or through a a reverse proxy service.

A VMS demonstration can be access at
http://vmspython.dyndns.org:8000/ (embedded server).
The WikiSandBox is freely update.

Richard Helmke_2
Occasional Advisor

Re: An OpenVMS Wiki server?

Thanks for your help. While I had seen the cov comments about Wiki on VMS, I was wondering if anything new had emerged. Each of you contributed to the solution.