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Re: Application-defined security objects?

Tim Platten
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Application-defined security objects?

Is it possible to define application-level security objects, options, access types etc. and utilise the $chkpro ACL/ACE mechanism to grant access from within an application? Much like the CMS Set ACL command. If so how?
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Re: Application-defined security objects?

The CMS SET ACL stuff is implemented entirely within CMS, so it can do whatever the application programmers implemented. Construct your own $check_access or $chkpro data structures and pass them along to the application's calls, or implement your own security model for your own objects, and off you go.

Your (application) code, your scheme.

Now if you're looking to have arbitrary applications extend the OpenVMS security model in a cooperative fashion (eg: notifications of new files arriving within specified directories, etc), no, there's no good (documented) means for that.