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Auto-dowload JRE via Applet <object> tag

Richard J Maher
Trusted Contributor

Auto-dowload JRE via Applet <object> tag


Does anybody have a working web-page tag that will (on windows only
is fine for this case) trigger an automatic download of a version-compliant
JRE from SUN, if it is not found on the client's system?

I have seen these pages which *should* be enough: -

But I still can't get my applet's object tag to trigger a Java JRE download
if the version needed is not present :-(

- I'm happy using dynamic-version and have specified the classid to reflect
such for IE. (Don't know how to specify that for FireFox 'cos my classid
there is "java:MyClassName.class"
- I have the new java_version tag set to "1.N+" for recent versions
- I have also #Version=1.n.n.n at the end of the 's codebase
- (For non IE) I have (in the object tag and not as a PARAM)
- I jave no interest in that JNLP and/or deployjava.js bollocks (and even
less in explaining why I have no interest :-)
- A picture is worth a thousand words, there shouldn't be many who find this
as challenging as me, and I imagine there is a plethora of such applets out
there on the web to poin me at

If you know of such an example please point me at it.

Cheers Richard Maher

PS. I did notice that deployJava.js used
clsid:CAFEEFAC-DEC7-0000-0000-ABCDEFFEDCBA for IE and the embed tag for
Netscape in an old version I had, but now they seem to obfuscate the JS for
some reason.