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BBS BOF at HPTF 2005

Dale E. Coy
Occasional Contributor

BBS BOF at HPTF 2005

For those attending the HP Technology Forum
17-20 October 2005, in Orlando:

There will be a BBS Birds-of-a-feather meeting
in the Campground: 2:00 - 3:15 Monday October 17th.

Stop by and meet other denizens of your favorite BBS(s)
- DECUServe/Encompasserve, SpyderByte Forums,
the Deathrow Cluster, HP ITRC, etc.

And/or find out about the bulletin board systems that specialize in your interests.
Allan Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: BBS BOF at HPTF 2005

Thanks for the info Dale. I hope to be there, but I think I may have a "must go to" session in that time slot. I'll have to see about adjusting priorities.