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BEA MessageQ automate deleting of messages ?

Thomas Ritter
Respected Contributor

BEA MessageQ automate deleting of messages ?

I want to automate the deleting of messages from a BEA Message Queue. Currently we use the queue control menu option to flush the queue. We are currently deleting about 500,000 messages a week. This is part of a legacy system and changing the message creator is difficult.

What would be the best approach to deleting messages on a automated basis ?

Bus:2 Group:203 MessageQ Manager Utility Wed Nov 5 09:43:24 2008

Queue Controls - Choose the function type

STQ - Start Queue SPQ - Stop Queue

FQ - Flush Queue EX - Exit Queue Controls

Enter option:

Copyright © BEA Systems, Inc. 2000. All rights reserved.

*** MessageQ Buffer Pool Verification Utility ***

--- Pending ---
Number Queue Name Dcl LLS MRS Q-Type
------ -------------------------------------- --- ------- ------ ------
46 WIP_QIS No 0 215264 PQ

Size Total Avail Warn Lvl Reserve
---- ----- ----- -------- -------
Small: 256 20000 20000 500 400
Medium: 5000 5000 5000 500 400
Large: 64000 2000 2000 500 400

DMQ$LLS_VERIFY - COM Servers process state is "LEF"

to continue:

215832 Src: 203.3309 Type:1012 Class:1 Size:13 Seq:0CED00CB:0000C659 MRS
215833 Src: 201.1215 Type:1012 Class:1 Size:13 Seq:04BF00C9:00026B44 MRS
215834 Src: 202.2343 Type:1012 Class:1 Size:13 Seq:092700CA:0000F858 MRS
215835 Src: 203.3295 Type:1012 Class:1 Size:13 Seq:0CDF00CB:0000BF59 MRS
215836 Src: 202.2343 Type:1012 Class:1 Size:13 Seq:092700CA:0000F958 MRS
215837 Src: 203.3295 Type:1012 Class:1 Size:13 Seq:0CDF00CB:0000C259 MRS
215838 Src: 203.3295 Type:1012 Class:1 Size:13 Seq:0CDF00CB:0000C459 MRS
215839 Src: 204.3426 Type:1012 Class:1 Size:13 Seq:0D6200CC:0000F127 MRS
215840 Src: 201.1218 Type:1012 Class:1 Size:13 Seq:04C200C9:0001CF44 MRS
Queue 46 was flushed of 215840 recoverable, and 0 memory based messages.

Honored Contributor

Re: BEA MessageQ automate deleting of messages ?


i take it that this v5.0 bmq , certainly in v3.2 dmq there is no way to do this probably without writing a program to interface with the internal dmq pams_flush_q routines. then there would be issues around flushing pending messages as well which could mean data loss.
unless things have changed radically with v5.0
this might involve quite a bit of time and expense. may be better to stick with the once a week manual method ?

good luck