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Backup saveset to NFS

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Occasional Contributor

Backup saveset to NFS

Hi All,

As per the topic, I'm trying to see if it is actually possible to perform an OpenVMS backup to an Linux NFS mounted share.

Currently, we have a daily backup to disk, then disk to tape configured. I'm hoping I can modify the script so that instead of sending to tape, I can send to a mounted Linux NFS share. This is so we don't have to re-init tapes every week, and so we can backup all systems with HP DP.

The backup script currently executes the following code
DKB100:[WFPROD...]*.*;* -

What I would like to do is backup the saveset to a subdir in the NFS share instead of tape.

I thought the following would get me there:
DKB100:[WFPROD...]*.*;* -

However my terminal is filled with messages like:

%BACKUP-E-OPENOUT, error opening DNFS16:[20110520]PROD20052011.BCK;1 as output
-RMS-E-FEX, file already exists, not superseded

For reference, the following vars are declared:
$ todays_saveset = f$cvtime(,,"day")+f$cvtime(,,"month")+f$cvtime(,,"year")
$ prod_saveset = "prod"+todays_saveset
$ nfs_dir = f$cvtime(,,"year")+f$cvtime(,,"month")+f$cvtime(,,"day")

Can someone point out whether this is actually possible or if I'm doing something wrong?

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Backup saveset to NFS


You must specify the /SAVE_SET qualifier when the input or output
specifier is a BACKUP save set on a Files-11 disk.

/SAVE_SET is the default for a tape, but not
for a save set on disk. Without it, I'd
guess that BACKUP is trying to copy every
file to DNFS16:[20110520]PROD20052011.BCK;1,
which works only once.
Shriniketan Bhagwat
Trusted Contributor

Re: Backup saveset to NFS


For disk BACKUP /SAVE_SET qualifier is required. BACKUP does not recognize it a saveset file until and unless /SAVE_SET qualifier is specified. But for the tape /SAVE_SET qualifier is considered as default.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Backup saveset to NFS

Thanks guys,

Entered command...

DKB100:[WFPROD...]*.*;* -
DNFS16:[20110520]prod20052011.bck /SAVE_SET

...and it is working beautifully. You have saved our department at least 1 hr a week :)

Occasional Contributor

Re: Backup saveset to NFS

See post above.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Backup saveset to NFS

> For disk BACKUP /SAVE_SET qualifier is
> required. [...]

Yes, _IF_ you _WANT_ a save set. BACKUP can
also be used to copy files from place to
place, and, if the destination is a disk,
then that's what it will try to do by
default. If the destination is a tape (not
file-structured), then a default of /SAVE_SET
makes sense.