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Occasional Contributor


Hi guys that's me again.

Q: How can I make, from inside a command procedure, some text to blink on the screen?

Thks guys.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Blinking

It depends on the screen, but most likely:



A Google search for keywords like "vt100",
"blinking", and "dcl" will probably find more.

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Blinking

Assuming an ANSI standard terminal, you can send escape sequences to change the text attributes (bold, reverse, blink etc...)

$ esc[0,7]=27
$ off=esc+"[m"
$ bold=esc+"[1m"
$ rev=esc+"[7m"
$ blink=esc+"[5m"
$ WRITE SYS$OUTPUT blink,"this will blink",off
$ WRITE SYS$OUTPUT bold,"bolded",off
$ WRITE SYS$OUTPUT rev,"reverse",off

You can add them together

$ WRITE SYS$OUTPUT bold,rev,"reverse bold",off

or, if you want to save on output define multiple attributes in one sequence


Warning! Be sure to send the "off" sequence, otherwise all subsequent output will have the last set attribute.
A crucible of informative mistakes
Paul Beaudoin
Regular Advisor

Re: Blinking

Here is a list of some of the more used esc sequences in .COM format. Hope that helps a bit. (Watch the wrap - all lines start with $)

$ esc[0,8] = 27
$ sdc_off == "''esc'[0m" !all attributes off
$ sdc_bold1 == "''esc'[1m" !bold on
$ sdc_bold0 == "''esc'[22m" !bold off
$ sdc_undl1 == "''esc'[4m" !underline on
$ sdc_undl0 == "''esc'[24m" !underline off
$ sdc_blnk1 == "''esc'[5m" !blinking on
$ sdc_blnk0 == "''esc'[25m" !blinking off
$ sdc_rvrs1 == "''esc'[7m" !reverse video on
$ sdc_rvrs0 == "''esc'[27m" !reverse video off
$ sdc_DECSWL == "''esc'[5m" !single-width, single-height line
$ sdc_DECDWL == "''esc'[6m" !double-width, single-height line
$ sdc_DECDHL0 == "''esc'#3" !double-width, double-height line (top half)
$ sdc_DECDHL1 == "''esc'#4" !double-width, double-height line (bottom half)
$ sdc_DECKPAM == "''esc'=" !application
$ sdc_DECKPNM == "''esc'>" !numeric
$ sdc_RIS == "''esc'c" !hard terminal reset - not recommended
$ sdc_DECALN == "''esc'#8" !screen alignment pattern
$ prompt = sdc_bold1 + nodename + "::" + username + "> " + sdc_bold0
$ set prompt="''prompt'"