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Boot always hangs on that last message

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Boot always hangs on that last message

OpenVMS (TM) Alpha Operating System, Version V7.3
%SYSINIT-I- waiting to form or join and OpenVMS cluster
%VMScluster-I-LOADSECDB, loading the cluster security database
%EWA0, Auto Sense mode set by console
%MSCPLOAD-I-CONFIGSCAN, enabled automatic disk serving
%EWA0, AUI(10Base5) Ethernet connection selected
I wonder if you could provide me some assistance

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Re: Boot always hangs on that last message


Can you please provide a bit more context?

When was the last time this system did boot? What has changed, etc.?

%EWA0, AUI(10Base5) Ethernet connection selected

This is a bit unusual. What kind of system is this, and what type of Ethernet controller is EWA0? What is unusual is that it is old enough to have an AUI connection. That's the DB15 connector that is connected to an external Ethernet transceiver, not something in common use for the last 10 years. Is that what you were expecting it to be attempting to use?

it depends
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Re: Boot always hangs on that last message

This is a cluster of 3 nodes (2 others are booted OK)

original ETH card was replaced by new one due to the H/W failure
New card shows the following
>>> show ewa* --- I get the following:
ewa0_arp_tries 3
ewa0_bootp_tries 3
ewa0_inet_init bootp
ewa0_loop_count 3e8
ewa0_loop_inc a
ewa0_loop_patt ffffffff
ewa0_loop_size 2e
ewa0_mode Fast
ewa0_protocols MOP
ewa0_tftp_tries 3

This is AlphaServer 400

No information on other issues you rised. Sorry...
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Re: Boot always hangs on that last message

The replacement Ethernet card is suspect; it is set up to use Thick Ethernet. Not ThinWire. Not Twisted Pair.

Identify the replacement Ethernet controller.

Expect to replace the replacement.

Given the availability of US$200 Integrity servers and given much newer (used) Alpha systems aren't that much more expensive, there are other approaches to resolving the issues with this box.

What you've shown are the Ethernet configuration settings from the SRM console; the environment variables related to the controller. Fast Ethernet doesn't work with the original thick Ethernet, for instance. But what you've shown does not identify the Ethernet controller nor the MAU that was used in this system. >>> SHOW DEVICE or >>> SHOW CONFIG are the usual.

Here's the technical guide:


A conversational bootstrap with STARTUP_P2 mentioned in might be useful here. (You're probably past the point where the -flags 30000,n bootstrap flag setting will give you anything useful.)