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Bringing data from tape

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Regular Advisor

Bringing data from tape

Hi, I wanted to confirm the following

I have data backed up on tape with following save set name

$ dir tp0:[000000]*.*;*

Directory TP0:[]


After which I listed the contents of the save set

$ backup /list tp0:00002058_IMA.SAV;1
Listing of save set(s)

Save set: 00002058_IMA.SAV
Written by: MICROCT
UIC: [000200,000030]
Date: 24-OCT-2002 10:45:03.52
Command: BACKUP/NOASSIST DK0:[MICROCT.DATA.00001589.00002058]*.*;*/EXCL=*.RSQ;*
Operating system: OpenVMS Alpha version V7.2
BACKUP version: AXP721R0018
CPU ID register: 80000000
Node name: _SC4008::
Written on: _SC4008$MKB500:
Block size: 65024
Group size: 10
Buffer count: 68

[MICROCT.DATA.00001589.00002058]C0002105.AIM;1 16135 17-SEP-2002 09:14
[MICROCT.DATA.00001589.00002058]C0002105.GOBJ;4 31 8-OCT-2002 15:17
[MICROCT.DATA.00001589.00002058]C0002105.GOBJ;3 93 17-SEP-2002 08:48
[MICROCT.DATA.00001589.00002058]C0002105.GOBJ;2 67 17-SEP-2002 08:47
[MICROCT.DATA.00001589.00002058]C0002105.GOBJ;1 53 17-SEP-2002 08:46
[MICROCT.DATA.00001589.00002058]C0002105.ISQ;1 1118209 8-SEP-2002 10:10

So my question is for backup operation to bring the files shown above on my hard drive what would be the command with qualifiers

One way I thought of is

$backup tp0:[000000]00002058_IMA.SAV;1 [.testdir...]*.*;* /log

This should automatically bring all the contents of the saveset in the "testdir" folder
Is that correct ?

Is there a way I can simply copy all the savesets into the directory
$backup tp0:[000000]*.SAV;1 [.testdir...]*.*;* /log

I am using OpenVMS V7.3-2.

Thanks in advance.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Bringing data from tape

The BACKUP utility will always try to 'open' a save-set that is stored on tape. You can work around this by mounting the tape non-foreign and using COPY:

$ mount /override=identification tp0:
$ copy tp0:[]*.SAV [.testdir...] /log

While a tape does not have any subdirectories, it is a good idea to use [] or even [000000], because there can be a side-effect if your default context sits on a logical name search list (e.g. SYS$SYSROOT:[SYSMGR]). This can result in multiple file copies, because RMS grabs each entry from the search list.
Robert Gezelter
Honored Contributor

Re: Bringing data from tape


A note of caution. BACKUP does its own management of the tape in the event of errors. Using COPY to copy the entire tape may produce problems.

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Bringing data from tape

Yes, but in most cases, BACKUP's redundancy groups are not helpful, because the tape drive no longer allows positioning behind an unrecoverable error. And I am very confident that COPY will report errors, so you don't have a silent corruption
- assuming you have not turned of error messages with "$ SET MESSAGE", of course ;-)
Art Wiens
Respected Contributor

Re: Bringing data from tape

You will be unable to take Uwe's suggestion of copying the saveset from tape to disk ... the Block Size is too large. The largest a block size can be is 32,256. You'll need to change the procedure that's backing up to tape if you want the ability to COPY the saveset to disk.

In your case, you need to MOUNT/FOREIGN TP0: first, then you can issue your command but leave out the [000000] ie:

$ mount/foreign tp0:
$backup tp0:00002058_IMA.SAV;1/save_set [.testdir...]*.*;* /log

With [.testdir] being a subdirectory of wherever you are at the time of issuing the command, it will then create the (sub)directory structure from that point ie.


Wim Van den Wyngaert
Honored Contributor

Re: Bringing data from tape

Do not forget /own=orig if you want to preserve security.

And if you got the syntax wrong, you can still rename directories.