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C++ problem with %CXX-E-INCOMPLETETYP

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Re: C++ problem with %CXX-E-INCOMPLETETYP

Pull the files and diff'm, if you're interested in changes.  Between this libxext procedure and this directory-differences tool, you should have the tools that deal with everything you need here to differences the old and the new libraries.


And FWIW, the typical (modern) approach when dealing with HP OpenVMS or other Enterprise software is to contact the vendor's support center directly, and get the updates.   (When you have support, obviously.)  HP clearly prefers this approach, and (when the initial basic Google search that is an inherent part of researching most any problem turns up nothing) this direct-to-support approach is (usually) the fastest approach to get your issues resolved or your servers back online.   Asking questions in forums (if Google turns up nothing) (usually) just delays the resolution.  Somebody (like me) will usually just tell you "call HP", and you can cut to the chase yourself.


What's also involved and somewhat more subtle, HP also uses these reports to prioritize and generate and push out kits with fixes.  The more times a bug is reported, the more likely that the fix will be a patch.  (Shipping out isolated files is comparatively problematic; folks can make mistakes with the installations (copying the file to the SYS$SPECIFIC directory, for instance), and there's no integrated tracking of hand-installed images.)