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CA performance manager for OpenVMS R3.1


CA performance manager for OpenVMS R3.1

Good afternoon, 


I would be interested to hear from anyone still using CA performance manager for OpenVMS (R3.1)  s/ware on AlphaServer/Integrity. We still use the s/ware for updating our KPI trend analaysis reports, and for performance management on some of our Alpha VMS Servers. We're currently in the process of completing a VMS migration between an AlphaServer Cluster (on which the R3.1 s/ware is still installed) and Bl870c standalone Server (running OpenVMS i64 8.4),  but dont possess the agent s/ware/license for installing on Integrity. . 

We would like to continue to use the CA agent on the new Server, (as found it to be a great product),. but struggling to find anyone within CA that is familiar with it and who can confirm whether the product is still available/supported on the Integrity platform (running OpenVMS 8.4). I suspect that like us there are a number of sites out there still using the base s/ware (albeit with lapsed support contract) and check on CA's website (below) confirms that patches for R3.1 were still being released for the R3.1 up until Dec '17 so hoping that ican still obtain a copy of the s/ware from somewhere.