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Re: COBOL - error in accessing subschema

Super Advisor

COBOL - error in accessing subschema

Hi everyone

after upgrading COBOL from V2.8 to V2.9 I am now unable to compile.
I receive error message :
%COBOL-F-CDDACCERR - error in accessing subschema - DB statement ignored.

The CDD logicals appear to be there and are the same as they were pre-upgrade.
Would anyone have any ideas where I could start looking ?
thanks so much
Honored Contributor

Re: COBOL - error in accessing subschema

I would suspect protection and start looking with brute force: grab all privs and try again.

Next I would look a little more subtle
1) reduce program to bare-bones minimal
2) grab only CMKRNL
3) set watch file/cla=major (or =all)
4) drop privs to normal
5) try compile and watch all the files being touched, and the result status of doing so.
6) Which is the first file giving an error? What error? What is the last file succesfully accessed?

Maybe the old compiler was installed with privs?
What flavor of OpenVMS and CDD? Using a CDD.DIC file or RDB?

hope this helps some,