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CPU correctable Error

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Neelmani Pandey
Frequent Advisor

CPU correctable Error

I have a AlphaServer DS20 running OpenVMS V7.2-1.

I have been observing the CPU Correctable Errors in ERRLOG.SYS.

Could anyonce suggest Shall I go for CPU replacment or not if yes then what is the impact of these correctable events on System.

**** V3.4 ** ENTRY 6847 ******************

Logging OS 1. OpenVMS
System Architecture 2. Alpha
OS version V7.2-1

Timestamp of occurrence
Time since reboot 1 Day(s) 22:30:21
Host name XXXXXX

System Model AlphaServer DS20 500 MHz

Entry Type 26. CPU correctable Error
Neelmani Pandey
Frequent Advisor

Re: CPU correctable Error

As I know Alpha has he capability to correct the errors.But still need some expert advice on this.

Thanks All in advance.
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: CPU correctable Error


you will need to run ERRLOG.SYS through SEA (System Event Analyzer), part of the WEBES tool, which supports DS20 CPU error analysis and translation. DECevent V3.4 does not support these systems.

You can't install WEBES on OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-1, but you can install in on your PC or Laptop.


PS: duplicate posting, please close the other thread:

Honored Contributor

Re: CPU correctable Error

>Could anyonce suggest Shall I go for CPU replacment or not if yes then what is the impact of these correctable events on System.

It depends upon the frequency and if anything else with the hardware is malfunctioning. Use WEBES as stated and check that your OVMS patches and Firmware are up to date.

WEBES and Guides:

CPU patch:



Re: CPU correctable Error

You give me the errlogs.sys file to me. I can check and tell you. Based on only one line error message we can't conclude anything. otherwise give me the error message fully.
Bob Blunt
Respected Contributor

Re: CPU correctable Error

Neelmani, usually with correctable errors the big issue is the frequency. If you're getting more and more of them, several in a week, replacing the CPU would usually be recommended. One or two a month or less, no. While the details of the error can be interesting and can lead to more detail about the cause of the error, there's not a lot to change if the fault is really something on the CPU board. Decoding the error with WEBES/SEA might give you more and better detail and a recent version can be loaded on a PC to analyze your OpenVMS errorlog. Generally, though, there should be more data available from DECevent than what you posted. Look for soft machine checks that sometimes contain "logout frames" that give gory details with nicely filled registers.

Neelmani Pandey
Frequent Advisor

Re: CPU correctable Error

Thanks Everyone for the help and sugegstions.

I got the solution after anlysing the ERRLOG.SYS from SEA (System Event Analyzer).
Actually I tried it earlier but I was having some problem in analysis.

thanks All.