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Can not map a drive to Pathworks Server


Can not map a drive to Pathworks Server

Our configuration:

Client: PW 32 v7.4
OS: Win XP Pro
Server: OpenVMS 6.1
NOS: PW v5.0F

We just installed PW 32 v7.4. PowerTerm works fine, and it successfully grabs a license (PWXXWINAT07.04). The one failure is that we can not map a drive. When we try, we get the message:

"No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are as many connections as the computer can accept".

Mapping a drive worked correctly in Win 98 using previous versions on PW.

Any ideas?


Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Can not map a drive to Pathworks Server

I am not sure, if WinXP clients are supported with 5.0F, I fear not.

But newer versions of Pathworks require a new license and an upgrade to at least VMS V6.2.

Perhaps yo can find some info on

regards Kalle
Edwin Gersbach_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Can not map a drive to Pathworks Server

If I remember right XP works with the latest V5.0F ECO (was it 2?)

You may need to configure more clients. Check your documentation. It's been a loooong time since, but it could be ADMIN/PATHWORKS or ADMIN/CONFIG. You should configure some more clients than actually required (+20 or so) because buffers and the like get calculated based on this value.

Honored Contributor

Re: Can not map a drive to Pathworks Server

Hi Dom,
Pathwork V5.0F can share with NetBeui/NetBios or DecNet protocol. Win 9x use NetBeui/NetBios as standard protocol while windows xp use tcp/ip as standard protocol.
On your win xp PC:
1. Right click on My Network
2. Select Property
3. Choice ethernet device
4. Click on Property
5. Add New Protocol
6. Add NetBeui/NetBios/NetWare

After of this you could access to shared device.

I'm a bit confused about PW license. Ruunig V5.0f server how you can use WINAT07.04?

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti
Edwin Gersbach_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Can not map a drive to Pathworks Server

Pathwork V5.0F works with TCP/IP as well.

I overlooked the license you mentioned. PWXXWINAT07.04 is a client side license which allowes you to use PW32 stuff such as eXcusion, powerterm, DECnet, etc.

In order to connect a share, you need a server license PWLMXXXCA06.00 or one of the older PWLMXXXFP05.00 (CA = Client Access, FP = File&Print service). The licensing schema was very complex at PW V5 times with douzends of different license types, but V5.0F accepts the newer CA licenses.

Anyway, you may define a logical to have the registrar to write more information to the logfile PWRK$LICENSE_REGISTRAR_.LOG


restart PW to have this logical to take effect.

Anton van Ruitenbeek
Trusted Contributor

Re: Can not map a drive to Pathworks Server


I didn't know there was a FP license.

But any CA05.xxx and above license is working fine.
As far a I know of (and I'm a long, long, long PW/AS user) XP works fine with PW. Make sure you are using IP for network. If you have more then one NIC card, default PW goes on the first NIC. PW and AS only can work with 1 NIC card (thanks to Micro$oft). If you can not work with the name (NETBIOS name) try to connect by IP adres \\\NETLOGON . This should work. If you add the name in the DNS server (or in youre own host file) you can use the name. Or you need a LMHOST server somewhere.

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