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Changing IP address and DNS name

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Mike D'Amico
Occasional Advisor

Changing IP address and DNS name

Hello, We have an Alpha Server 8400 running openVMS 7.2-1. We are moving the server to a new location and thus the IP address and possibly its' DNS designation will change. When the server arrives at its' new destination, how can I change the IP address and DNS name on the server. Can I simply run the UCX/TCPIP service and do a "SET HOST" to change the address? Or Do I have to do something else? Can you provide an example or a reference.? Thank You !!!
Andy Bustamante
Honored Contributor

Re: Changing IP address and DNS name

Sine you reference UCX, I'll assume you're running the (HP) TCPIP package and not a third party TCP product.


You want to modify Core Environment, Interface. Stop and restart TCPIP Services. If you like make the changes before you shut down for the move. If you're changing networks, you'll also want to update the default route.

If I recall correctly, the broadcast address may not be automatically calculated correctly in this version. Be sure to review that when the default is displayed. This may have patched since then, of course.

Andy Bustamante
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Petr Spisek
Regular Advisor