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Changing the output of the TYPE command

Anthony Silverman
Occasional Advisor

Changing the output of the TYPE command

The DCL command type/page=search filename.txt displays a menu bar at the bottom of the screen that contains "RETURN/SPACE=More, PREV/NEXT=Scroll"

How can I change the menu bar to display everything in upper case "RETURN/SPACE=MORE, PREV/NEXT=SCROLL"?
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: Changing the output of the TYPE command


use SET TERM/NOLOWER or SET TERM/UPPERCASE to force the terminal driver to convert all characters to uppercase.

Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: Changing the output of the TYPE command


AFAIK, those texts are part of the executable.
You may try to patch it.

For pretty simple EXEs I have successfully I have done that with a simple editor (because I did not have the compiler for the source language), AS LONG AS YOU __DO__ KEEP THE STRINGS __EXACTLY__ THE SAME LENGTH.

NO guarantee of success, and because TYPE is included in VMS, every new version or patch MIGHT replace it, and require a redo.


Good luck & success.


Have one on me.

Don't rust yours pelled jacker to fine doll missed aches.
Honored Contributor

Re: Changing the output of the TYPE command

You don't seem to assume VMS, you seem to want or expect a Unix shell here.

It also doesn't seem that you want the TYPE command here, you likely want to use the Unix-like more or the less tools, or analogous. Various ports are available.

And there's a copy in GNV.

Interestingly, you're also asking for some added extra "fun" here as the "prev" and "next" keys aren't ubiquitous keys.

And please consider posting why are you might be asking this question. Some background? Goals? Requirements? Without some background and some requirements, we might get you the correct answer, but might well miss the best answer. We can't tailor the answer to your particular requirements, only to your point question.
Honored Contributor

Re: Changing the output of the TYPE command

The text comes from a message file and can be found in CLITULMSG.EXE. Presumed you have the privileges, you can patch the string there. It's installed, so replace it and all users will see the changed string. If you just want to see this in your environment, make the change in a local copy and define the logical cliutlmsg pointing to your copy. Include the file version in the define.

After you figured out what the length field is you can probably patch in place or make the string shorter. Happy hacking!
John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Changing the output of the TYPE command

re Jan:

>AFAIK, those texts are part of the

No, they're not in TYPE.EXE, they're (correctly) isolated in a message file. That means you can easily support multiple languages without requiring multiple versions of the image.

See SYS$MESSAGE:CLIUTLMSG.EXE. Note there are several messages which contain the string you're interested in "RETURN/SPACE=More, PREV/NEXT=Scroll"

An upper case variant can be dealt with as if it were another language. Obtain a copy of CLIUTLMSG.MSG from the source distribution, make modifications to the message text, and recompile it into a site specific variation of the standard message file.

For more detail about the message utility see "HP OpenVMS Command Definition, Librarian, and Message Utilities Manual"

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