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Compaque Alpha ES 40

Somenath CHoudhury
Occasional Visitor

Compaque Alpha ES 40

Dear All,
We have a compaque alpha 40 server. From last few days we are facing a problem. After power on the system at the LCD when SROM0 Load ROM appears it give Six beep sound (6 beep)--> SROM0 Load FLP it gives again sex beep (6 beep) sound then it gives one beep sound and Hump to console appears in the LCD.
But some time it Boot properly. Pls tell me what should we do now.
Somnath Choudhury
Simon Fedele

Re: Compaque Alpha ES 40

I have attached a document which lists AlphaServer ES40 OCP Messages and Beep Codes. I hope it helps. Do you have any console output that you could post here ?
Somenath CHoudhury
Occasional Visitor

Re: Compaque Alpha ES 40

Dear All,
our case First it give Six Beep Sound then after 10 sec again it gives six beep sound and then 1 beep sound & at the LCD it shows Jump to console, but no display appears in monitor.
Pls help to solve the problem.

Somnath Choudhury
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaque Alpha ES 40

Is there any timing in the six beeps?

A Google search for:

es40 beep code



according to which:

1-1-4 ROM err

The ROM err message is displayed briefly, then a single
beep is emitted, and Jump to Console is displayed. The
SROM code is unable to load the console code; a flash
ROM header area or checksum error has been detected.

(And 1+1+4 = 6.)
Simon Fedele

Re: Compaque Alpha ES 40

Maybe try connecting a VT terminal via a serial line to your systems console port to see if you receive any further messages.
Frequent Advisor

Re: Compaque Alpha ES 40


It sounds like you have a firmware problem.

You could try a couple of things, but first, connect a serial console! The VGA output is only initialized after a whole lot of other things are up and running (from a firmware-point-of-view).

Once you get some output on your serial console (you should at least get a line that gives you the SROM version ID, you could try the following (if you feel comfortable opening up your system):

- power down the system, and disconnect it
- open it up, and locate jumper J22 on the mainboard
- put the jumper across pins 2 and 3
- close your system, reconnect it, and boot again
- if you're lucky, the system will boot into the fail safe loader (FSL> prompt)

From the Fail Safe Loader, you can re-flash your firmware (if you have the firmware CD-ROM). Then, put the jumper back in it's original place, and your ES40 should boot as usual.