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Connecting an HSZ to an MDR

Jeff Wolfe_1
Frequent Advisor

Connecting an HSZ to an MDR

Does anyone know if it is possible to connect an HSZ70 to an MDR and be able to access the drives over the fiber fabric? The MDR is sold as fiber to scsi bridge. Although specifically built to allow SCSI tape drives to be accessible over the SAN (which we are doing successfully), I was wondering if anyone has tried connecting an HSZ.

Here is a link to the HP web site for the MDR.

Mike Naime
Honored Contributor

Re: Connecting an HSZ to an MDR

That seems like an expensive and poor solution to me when you can pick up an HSG80 used for about 10K.

IF you use the MDR, you are only getting one path to your storage at the HSZ data rate through one port to the MDR, what do you gain over the former dual pathed HSZ?

If you want to go fibre channel. Buy the Fibre channel storage array that will give you the multi-pathing that you want for a VMS system.

If you are not wanting redundancy, why waste the money on HBA's, SAN switches and the MDR?

That kinda like trying to pull a semi-trailer with a Yugo instead of the MAC Tractor. It was not designed for it, nor will you get any performance out of it.
VMS SAN mechanic