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Copy Disk to Disk at the HSG 80 Controller

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Jorge Cocomess
Super Advisor

Copy Disk to Disk at the HSG 80 Controller


I have these RAID0+1 raidsets on the HSG controller and I would like to copy a new RAID0+1 raidset. Once the copy is done, I will then use it for another Alpha server. No, this would be just data RAID, not System RAID.

Please let me know.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Copy Disk to Disk at the HSG 80 Controller

It is possible by using the mirrorset cloning feature. There is a cloning program in the contoller firmware which is described somewhere in the documentation. It is also possible to do this manually, I'll try to reproduce from memory:

- add another member to each mirrorset
> set M1 nopolicy
> set M1 membership=3
> set M1 replace=DISK10300
> set M2 nopolicy
> set M2 membership=3
> set M2 replace=DISK30300
> set M1 policy=best_performance
> set M2 policy=best_performance
and wait for the copy to complete.

- remove the disks from the mirrorset
> reduce DISK10300 DISK30300

- create new mirrorsets and stripeset
> add mirrorset M1C DISK10300
> add mirrorset M2C DISK30300
> add stripeset S1C M1C M2C

- enable server access:
> add unit D9 S1C disable_access_path=all
> set D9 enable_access_path=(con1,con2,...)

- add more members to the cloned mirrorsets
> set M1C nopolicy
> set M1C membership=2
> set M1C replace=DISK20300
> set M2C nopolicy
> set M2C membership=3
> set M2C replace=DISK40300
> set M1 policy=best_performance
> set M2 policy=best_performance

Again, this is just from memory, so any corrections are welcome.