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Copying sysuaf,rightslist and netproxy files


Copying sysuaf,rightslist and netproxy files

We are in the process of migrating from VAX to ALPHA. Can I copy the sysuaf,rightlist, netproxy and net$proxy from the VAX to ALPHA. otherwise recreating the account is a major headache
Jan van den Ende
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Re: Copying sysuaf,rightslist and netproxy files


In short: Yes, you can.

But: Alpha systems DO need some (well, quite some) more of some quota.
And Vaxen tended (maybe I had better say; tend) to be rather memory-conservative, while at today's memory prices it is usually wiser to "buy" performance with memory.

The relevant parameters have higer PQL_Mxxx settings, so for simple work the accounts WILL work.
For more demanding work, the quota sjould be raised.
The quick way to get general compliance is to raise the PQL_M value, but any special case has to be addressed.

But, things like UIC, Account, home-dir, privs, and also Identifiers, can be simply copied.



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John Gillings
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Re: Copying sysuaf,rightslist and netproxy files


If you want to copy the files while they're in use, please use CONVERT/SHARE. This will give you a consistent copy (and perform an RMS cleanup as well).

All cluster environment files can by physically shared across all platforms (VAX, Alpha and I64). As Jan has mentioned, it may be tricky to find a set of quota values that is correct for all systems.

Also note that your configuration consists of MANY more files than just SYSUAF, RIGHTSLIST and NET*PROXY. Consider VMSMAIL_PROFILE, VMS$PASSWORD_HISTORY, NETOBJECT, VMS$OBJECTS, VMS$AUDIT_SERVER, all the TCPIP settings (etc...). See SYS$MANAGER:SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE for a complete list. (?? I'm not totally certain if even THAT list is complete!)
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Jefferson Humber
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Re: Copying sysuaf,rightslist and netproxy files


I performed a migration from VAX to AXP a couple of years ago, but decided to bite bullet an recreate the accounts on the Alpha.

The quotas required were dramatically higher on Alpha, and required the most amount of tweaking once live. Things like PGFLQUO kept having to be increased along with a few others.

I did find a nice tool to help with setting the process quotas though, which I think originally was a DEC tool. Basically you ran the .COM file passing in the PID of the process you wanted to monitor. The program issued a few lexical functions to track quota usages.... very handy to determine which quotas are being exceeded. If you are interested in this .COM file I can post it here, if no one can supply a URL to it.

Hope this helps,

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Ian Miller.
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Re: Copying sysuaf,rightslist and netproxy files

DCL to monitor quotas can be found at

DCL to modify usernames for min quotas for recent VMS can be found at
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