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Create a printer queue without a Form

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Re: Create a printer queue without a Form

When all else fails, try configuring and using a spooled device (what is known as "reverse telnet") and copying directly to the TN device...

and also separately try switching over to the lpr/lpd path (if this printer supports it), and talk to whomever is maintaining this...

And separately try printing via port 23. Some printers will accept the raw port 9100 stuff, but some won't, and sometimes the auto-switching can be wonky.

What TCP/IP Services version, and with what patch?

And which model Tally (Genicom, Printronix) Matrix printer?

How is the printer telnet path for this printer configured? Specifically, the printer-specific settings for page length, font size, etc.

And try a tcpdump of the data stream, too, and particularly to determine if the characters are from the host or from the telnet path.

Printers are a "joy" to deal with, and LAT is sufficiently different from telnet that switching over to telnet is seldom particularly transparent.