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Re: Create graph from Monitor data file

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Create graph from Monitor data file

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a performance graph for a typical metric that is captured by monitor

to a monitor dat file?    I would normally use T4 and TLvis for this but the customer didn't want to

 install it.




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Re: Create graph from Monitor data file

To answer your first question, T4 is a tool that reads MONITOR data files and creates performance plots and related graphics, so creating graphics from MONITOR data is very obviously possible.  


As for your second concern, your customer doesn't want a (free) tool that reads MONITOR data to create graphics, but rather wants some other tool that reads in MONITOR data and that then creates graphics?  


Um, OK.  


You could generate the CSV (gag) files from MONITOR using T4, then hand the CSVs (gag) to the customer so that they can play with that data in their Microsoft Windows box with their Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheet, and not tell the customer it's really data from T4.  


Or you could earn some money writing and supporting what would be a fraction of what T4 does for this customer.  And T4 is, of course, free.


Your other option are the few commercial monitoring tools.  Those are expensive and comparatively rarely seen, particularly given T4.  And there are very few freeware tools around anymore, given T4.  (Google search one of the Freeware disks, using site:decuslib.com or similar, to target your search.)


Use T4.

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Re: Create graph from Monitor data file



> but the customer didn't want to install it.


  Have they explained why not? As you're aware, the whole purpose of T4 is to generate graphs from Monitor data. It does the job so well, that most competitors have given up trying to compete (ask Mr Darwin).


You can attempt to decrypt the structures inside a monitor data file and turn them into some kind of flat file, but you'd be putting in a lot of effort and basically just replicating T4. Wasted time.


I'm with Hoff


Use T4.

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Re: Create graph from Monitor data file

I need to turn a screw, but don't want to use a screwdriver.


One of inputs to T4 is monitor data.  You could run monitor in batch, transfer the resulting data files to another system and create nifty graphs for your customer.  Some consultants might view this an an opportunity for ongoing support charges.  You don't have the complete T4 picture, but again, dropping some of the T4 command files into place could be used to flesh out the picture of what your system is doing.


Is there a "security "policy" prohibiting the installation of T4?  In recent versions of VMS, T4 is included in the operating system installation media.  You don't have the latest version, but perhaps change control might accept this version.


Re: Create graph from Monitor data file

If your customer is possibly looking for a commercial tool try using HP Perfdat. It's free for the first 30 days.


see http://www.perfdat.com/

where you can download all you need.