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DCPS Printer Queue Page Boundaries Contd.

Branko Dachevski
Occasional Contributor

DCPS Printer Queue Page Boundaries Contd.

I am trying to print a page with 69 lines via VMS operating system on HP 8150 printer. The VMS queue is created via DCPS software and using this queue, the printer prints only 68 lines pp. The printed text contains ANSI escapes for bolding "[1m"... and the job is printed "Portrait" with no "SETUP" or "FORM" quallifiers in the VMS command.

Would anyone know the commands in Postscript language to facilitate 69 lines via "setup postscript module"?

I can use the PCL commands that can help me: "&l#Z" (move the logical page along the physical page ), but I do not know the font settings for the line spacing and line height in postscript printing, as I need them to be the same via PCL as they are when the printer prints via DCPS software....



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