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DCPS - supported o/s 's

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Art Wiens
Respected Contributor

DCPS - supported o/s 's

Is there a reason (or is it an oversight) that VAX/VMS v6.2 isn't listed as a supported o/s?


"1.1 Operating System Version

DCPS V2.3 is fully supported on currently-supported versions of the OpenVMS operating system:

o OpenVMS Alpha V6.2, V7.2-2, V7.3 and V7.3-1
o OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2, V7.2 and V7.3

Although DCPS V2.3 will install on systems running OpenVMS Alpha V6.1 or later, or OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2 or later, customers running OpenVMS versions that are not currently supported do so at their own risk."

OpenVMS v6.2 was quite "popular"...what gives?

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: DCPS - supported o/s 's


I suspect it's an oversight, or a reflection of what testing was actually done.

As you're no doubt aware, V6.2 is under "Prior Version Support" (PVS). That means cases logged with Customer Support Centres will be dealt with "best effort". Elevations into engineering are only permitted for customers with PVS (or a spare truckload of cash).

In practice if it works, it works. If you find any problems with the product on an older version of OpenVMS, the first step in diagnosis will be to attempt to reproduce the symptom on the current version. If it's still there, engineering will work on it. If not, the answer will probably be "sorry".

Remember that OpenVMS V6.2 was released in 1995 - nearly 10 years ago, and the number of customers still running it is dwindling. We just can't afford to qualify all products on ancient platforms.
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