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%DDS-E-NOMORE, No more items available

neil ransom
Occasional Visitor

%DDS-E-NOMORE, No more items available

We're trying to pipe some entries into DDS from our LDAP server, but DDS complains with the following error:

%DDS-E-NOMORE, No more items available

Any clues/ideas?

TIA, Neil
Duncan Morris
Honored Contributor

Re: %DDS-E-NOMORE, No more items available


welcome to the ITRC forum!

I presume here that you are working with some version of message router.

To aid the folks here who might be able to help, can you please give us details of which platform this is on, and what versions of the OS and software you are using?

A text attachment with a sample of the data which you are trying to pipe in would also be a great help.