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DEC700 Terminal Server Loading

Donna Walters
Occasional Visitor

DEC700 Terminal Server Loading

How can I turn off my load of WWENG1.SYS upon booting my terminal server. I want to switch over to a new IP link between locations. Currently we are bridging LAT via the routers, but the new link will not allow that. Once I am up and running I can turn off the bridge and my terminals connect via telnet just fine, but if my terminal server is booted, it will not start up unless I have the LAT available. I need to turn OFF the downline load of WWENG1.sys and I am not sure how to do this.

Thanks. Any info would be helpful.
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: DEC700 Terminal Server Loading


the DECserver 700 needs to load it's operating system (WWWENG1.SYS) and it's using MOP (not LAT) to do this.

But you should be able to set up load via BOOTP/TFTP. There was a recent article in ITRC discussing this:


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Re: DEC700 Terminal Server Loading

As I recall the DECserver 700 had eprom capability to store the DECserver software. I believe this was an upgrade that could be added at any time. With the eprom, the terminal server does not need to boot after power off. Ask HP for the part.
Robert Walker_8
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Re: DEC700 Terminal Server Loading


We had similar problems we originally started with BOOTP/TFTP. However you still have console traffic over insecure lines.

We ended up installing a linux box with some serial ports and run conman - open source code (http://www.llnl.gov/linux/conman). It was simple to setup, secure as we use ssh to the linux server and all the output is logged on the linux system. There are probably other facilities and this saves on Terminal Servers etc.

Michael Yu_3
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Re: DEC700 Terminal Server Loading

Hi Dan,

What you need is to use bootp/tftp to load your DS700 across the IP routers. The IP routers have to be set up to relay the bootp request from the DS700 to the bootp server. In other words, the routers have to be set up for bootp assist.

Thanks and regards.