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DECterm escape sequences?

Roger Ivie
Occasional Visitor

DECterm escape sequences?

Several times, the OpenVMS Wizard has been asked questions about DECterm escape sequences. The answer has typically been something along the lines of:

For details on the DECterm capabilities and control (escape) sequences, please see the DECwindows DECterm utility documentation. This is part of the DECwindows documentation set, and many of the OpenVMS DECwindows
manuals are available at the OpenVMS documentation website. (Please see the OpenVMS FAQ for pointers to the OpenVMS documentation website.)

I have been able to find the following references to DECterm in the documentation, none of which describes the escape sequences:

- Using DECterm in DECwindwos Motif for OpenVMS Application Guide, which explains how to use the various settings available on a DECterm window.

-OpenVMS DECwTermPort routine in DECwindows Extensions to Motif, which provides a prototype for and summary of the DECwTermPort routine

- Using the OpenVMS DECwTermPortRoutine in DECwindows Motif Guide to Application Programming, which presents an example using the DECwTermPort routine.

Additionally, there is a section on using dtterm, the CDE terminal program (which may or may not be DECterm, I don't know) in the CDE User's Guide.

As far as I can tell, DECterm is not mentioned anywhere else in the documentation set.

Since the Wizard is certain enough that the documentation is available to have used this response on several occasions (as recently as October 2004), could someone please point me to the specific DECwindows manual to which this answer refers; i.e., to the specific manual containing a description of DECterm escape sequences.
Lawrence Czlapinski
Trusted Contributor

Re: DECterm escape sequences?

Roger, see if this is what you want:
If not, try "decterm escape sequences" in a Google search.
Roger Ivie
Occasional Visitor

Re: DECterm escape sequences?

I know plenty of places to find curses documentation; I'm interested in the escape sequences understood by DECterm.

Had googling turned up anything terribly useful, I wouldn't have asked.
Roger Ivie
Occasional Visitor

Re: DECterm escape sequences?

Hmm. Well, googling over on dejanews turned up an article by Steve Hoffman pointing at sys$system:smgterms.txt. I can probably get the information I'm after from there if an actual manual can't be found.
Kris Clippeleyr
Honored Contributor

Re: DECterm escape sequences?


Although not completely DECterm, but since DECterm emulates a VT300, you might have a look at http://www.vt100.net/ .

There is also http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/73final/5634/5634pro_006.html#decterm_chap at the HP VMS website.

Kris (aka Qkcl)
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Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: DECterm escape sequences?


I am not really sure if this is what you want, but,
DECterm is a DEC terminal simulation, more specifically, a VT terminal emulation.
As far as my needs ever went, I have used (successfully) the --- VT --- escape sequences.
And those I have never had the need to search online, as we still have masses of VTxxx booklets around, and any of those will do, but I have no doubt they will be easily located online as well.



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Galen Tackett
Valued Contributor

Re: DECterm escape sequences?


Long ago there was a programmer's reference guide for DECterm that explained all the supported escape sequences. Its part number was EK-DTERM-GM, and there was a release notes document EK-DTERM-RN.

They're very hard to come by these days. This UK-based company lists them in their online catalog but apparently doesn't have any in stock: http://www.3prime-solutions.com

(I have a copy of at least the programmers reference guide, but I'm planning to hang on to it for now.)
John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: DECterm escape sequences?

Good luck on your paper chase. As others have mentioned most of the DECterm escape sequences are the same as those for "real" VT terminals.

I've included a condensed summary of escape sequences for various terminal types. It's fine as a "cheat sheet", but it's no substitute for the programming manual.

For those who are interested... here are some DECterm only sequences. I'm not sure if they're documented or supported:

to change the window title

]21;New Title\

to change the icon title:

]2L;New Icon Title\
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