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DNS Bind - Adding a external name server

Tejal Bhaa
Occasional Contributor

DNS Bind - Adding a external name server

I am new to unix and DNS. On a unix box, I just just set up DNS Bind. I can do search on the host names that I have placed in my two files, zones and rev. By using command
>nslookup - localhost
I want above command to search other hostnames on the network, but are not in my files.

What do I set in my files that it will find other hostname on the network? How do I add external name server.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: DNS Bind - Adding a external name server

> [...] On a unix box, [...]

This is a VMS forum, not a UNIX forum.

The details of BIND configuration may depend
on which UNIX (and version) you're running.

You might do better in an appropriate forum,
specifying enough information to identify
your OS (and, ideally, your BIND version).

"man named" may also be helpful.