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DVI files

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DVI files


We upgraded out server to I64 8.3-1H1, I found out that we use a program call T2_jet in the old server, and anyone know where I can find a version that can be used in I64?

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Re: DVI files

Probably the Northlake Software T2/Jet package used for getting TeX DVI files to an HP JetDirect, but do your own due diligence and figure out exactly what this software is and where it arrived from.

If this is NLS stuff, then contact the vendor:

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Robert Gezelter
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Re: DVI files


Welcome to the HP ITRC Forum!

A quick check on Google supports my supposition that T2_jet is part of the TeX typesetting suite.

I would check the source of your TeX package for either the I64 binaries or the C sources to rebuild the executable.

DVI is a device independent format produced by Donald Knuth's TeX typesetting package as an intermediate format. Output device dependent programs then transform the device-independent DVI file to actual device commands.

DVI in this context should not be confused with the more recent references to the Digital Visual Interface used as a hardware interface for high resolution graphics displays.

- Bob Gezelter,