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DataProtector v5.1 Pre/Post Exec question

Gary crews
Frequent Advisor

DataProtector v5.1 Pre/Post Exec question

I am trying to run pre/post exec procs on VMS 7.3-2 from a Windows DP cell manager. Create a snapshot and mount it via .COM file and SSSU script. It fails, it does not recognize the .com file commands. I am doing a similar process on a Windows machine using a .BAT file and EVMCL. That works.
Is there a method that works? Or more documentation anywhere? Thanks

Re: DataProtector v5.1 Pre/Post Exec question

Hi Gary,

A couple of things to check.

First, in some cases the pre and post exec scripts must be in the OMNI$ROOT:[BIN] directory in order to be found and executed. I don't remember the exact rules, but I think it is session level pre/post must be there and object pre/post can use a specified path.

Second, make sure the symbols are defined so the script can access them. Personally, I would define them in each script, or create a definition script that each pre/post calls, so you don't have to maintain the symbol in multiple places.

I'll have the guy on my team who is doing this all the time look at this message as well and respond if I have missed or mis-stated anything.

Hope that helps,

Dave Harrold