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Database Backup

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Patrick Laurie
Occasional Visitor

Database Backup

I am using OVMS 7.2-3 and running Oracle RDB 7.1. I have been looking at Data Protector as a solution for doing weekly/daily backups.

The documentation stated that Oracle 8.x & 9i are supported but I do not find any information on RDB 7.XXXX.

Can you help.
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Database Backup


for RDB backups we use the standard RMU tool (see HELP RMUnn, where nn is version number, if multiversion is installed).

We backup the databases to disk (full and incrementals). Then they are treated by the normal backup process and written to tapes.

regards Kalle
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Database Backup


I have attached an example of a RMU backup, which may help get you started.

We use a datafile driven procedure to create detached backupprocesses in parallel for the databases. The attached example is a commandfile created by this procedure for a FULL backup.

regards Kalle

P.S. I could also attach the procedure itself, but it would need a little editing, because auf sitespecific dependancies.
Honored Contributor

Re: Database Backup

Hello Karl

My procedure is similar, but I create an .oaij (optimized aij file), if many updates have been done to a record, only the last one will be applied when restoring

rmu/optimize/after DSA500:[TEST_BACKUP]'base'.aij -
then I look for a message "/AIJ_BUFFER" when recovering an AIJ journal with

$ ! Use "/AIJ_BUFFERS=xxx" when recovering this AIJ journal
$ pipe rmu/dump/after dsa500:[test_backup]'base'.aij | -
sea sys$pipe "/AIJ_BUFFERS="

then I check I can read the .rbf created
$ pid = f$getjpi("","pid")
$ fntmp = "sys$scratch:rmu"+pid+".tmp"
$ rmu/dump/backup/optio=root/out='fntmp' DSA500:[TEST_BACKUP]'base'.rbf

(May be I am paranoid, but according to a book, only the paranoid survive :-)