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Re: Debug printout, Fortran

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Re: Debug printout, Fortran

re: DECxchange

>Could this be a data alignment issue?

Simple answer - definitely not!

INTDIV and PROTINSTALL have nothing to do with array bounds or writable sections.

Alignment issues affect performance, not correctness. At worst unaligned data will make your program run slower than it could if the data were aligned correctly. You won't see unexpected fatal error conditions.

Incorrect attributes on shared commons will manifest at image activation as:

%SYS-F-NOTINSTALL, writable shareable images must be installed
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Re: Debug printout, Fortran

I found that the files SYS$SSISHR.EXE and even SYS$SSISHRP.EXE are missing. I can't figure out why. Anyway I will upgrade to version 8.3.

Thanks for all the replies.

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Re: Debug printout, Fortran

Reinstall and update OpenVMS.