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Decnet Host Database..

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Decnet Host Database..

Hi Guys,

Is there any host database file for DECNET nodes and Addresses on an OpenVMS system just as how TCPIP has TCPIP$HOST.DAT file. If not, how to find out the DECNET addresses that are there in cache on a running OpenVMS system?

I somewhere heard that NETNODE_REMOTE.DAT is the one which has these DECNET Address entries. But that is also not readable.

Any clarfication is greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Jeffery D. Urmann
Regular Advisor

Re: Decnet Host Database..


DECnet information is stored in a database accessible via the NCP utility. Enter the following DCL commands to enter the utility:


Once in the utility, use the SHOW command to view the volatile entries. Use the LIST command to view permanent entries. To show all nodes in the volatile database:

NCP> Show Known Nodes

For detailed information on commands and qualifiers:

NCP> Help

Hope that gets you started.



Re: Decnet Host Database..

Thank you so much.. I am very much pleased with the help.

I read that for the nodes running Decnet Plus, the configs should be done with NCL instead of NCP. Is that true? and if that is the case, How can I find the same thing that is the DecNet node info using NCL?

I also would request you to provide me some useful stuffs which detailedly describes the DECNET transport across nodes.

Thanks & Regards,
Travis Craig
Frequent Advisor

Re: Decnet Host Database..


On my machine, I use:

$ mcr decnet_register

and then follow the prompts and help in there. I think it is for newer versions of DECnet than NCL was. I have DECnet_OSI V7.3-1.

--Travis Craig
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Kris Clippeleyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Decnet Host Database..


Once the menu is displayed, choose option "7 - Export node names to a data file". Then for "Directory service", enter "LocalFile", for "Node name or address", enter *, for "File name", enter a valid file specification. After "export", you'll have a quite readable list of the nodes known to DECnet.

Kris (aka Qkcl)
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Daniel Fernandez Illan
Trusted Contributor

Re: Decnet Host Database..

With DECnet phase IV you can view nodes on database using NCP. "show know nodes" displays nodes on temporal database and "list know nodes" displays nodes on permanent database.
If you use DECnet phase V, the best option to view defined nodes is use command DECNET_REGISTER to display nodes on local or DNS databases.
Best Regards.
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Decnet Host Database..

See DECnet manual for some info on the protocol stack. The DECnet phase IV protocols are documents and the documents are available e.g
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