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Defrag issue

Honored Contributor

Re: Defrag issue

Ooops, my bad. I see it's DFO and not DFU. Time to check the prescription.

You'll need to get the current version of the HP DFO tool off of a current OpenVMS Alpha distribution kit, or by a "pull" request sent to HP. If you have a support contract, call up the support center and ask for the ftp site. You should have access credentials with your password. Otherwise, you'll need a distro or you'll need to ask HP to send you a kit or a pointer.

As a rule, HP does not make its kits available for anonymous download.

Art Wiens
Respected Contributor

Re: Defrag issue

If you refer to the "Software rollout report":


and scroll down a ways (or search for Disk File Optimizer), it indicates supported ranges for DFO v2.9 are:

for Alpha : 7.3-2 8.3
for Integrity: 8.2 8.3-1H

I would a reinstall (which would do a relink) should make it work.

A valid software support maintenance agreement gets you a quarterly id/password which you can use to download layered products.


Alan J Neighbors
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Re: Defrag issue

Thanks for your responses Hoff and Art.

We have tried to re-install DFO to repair the linkage-but, we still get the same errors. We will attempt to install v3 and see if it works better.

Art Wiens
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Re: Defrag issue

You should be able to say "thanks" with points, but you'll have to convince MAry Ann to do it for you ;-)

The "other" reason to start you're own thread.