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Differences between different TCPIP queues

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Marcos Llano
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Differences between different TCPIP queues

Hi everyone!
At my workplace we have basically two different kind of queue: LAT and TCP. All works fine but looking I've seen that we have different kind of TCP queue. Specifically thrree: TCPIP$LPD_SMB, UCX$TELNETSYM & TCPIP$TELNETSYM.
Apparently everything works at the same way
What's the difference between these three?

Joseph Huber_1
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Re: Differences between different TCPIP queues

This page at process.com

pretty well explains the difference between the LPD and reverse telnet protocols.

The difference between UCX$* and TCPIP$* symbionts is their software version: UCX was the original name of Digitals TCPIP stack on VMS, from V5.0 on it was called TCPIP services for VMS and the files/program names prefixed by TCPIP$.
Your different queues using UCX$Telnet and TCPIP$telnet symbionts probably have been created before and after a software version update.
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Re: Differences between different TCPIP queues

Deja Vu



As for your question...

TCPIP$LPD_SMB TCP/IP Services V5 or later, Line Printer Daemon, for host served printers.

UCX$TELNETSYM TCP/IP Services (UCX prefix) prior to V5.0, telnet symbiont.

TCPIP$TELNETSYM, ibid, V5.0 and later, TCPIP prefix.

And in general...

Host-served printers are comparatively problematic. Folks that buy these are either dealing with a very special printer, or are operating with an environment where the budgets assume a (fictional) disconnect between the hardware acquisition costs and the staffing and support costs. Routing printing through other hosts is more complex to configure, manage and support than are network-attached printers. The costs of the NIC are marginal. The costs of configuring and supporting "routed" printing services are not.

Google can be your friend.

Use site:itrc.hp.com and keywords to direct Google to search for keywords and previous questions here in the ITRC subdomain of HP.COM.

Use site:h71000.www7.hp.com and keywords to search the OpenVMS documentation shelves.

Marcos Llano
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Re: Differences between different TCPIP queues

Thanks Joseph and Hoff. Now i understand the differences.
About UCX$ and TCPIP$ more or less suspect that the version of the TCP have something yo say.
About LPD_SMB and TELNETSYM now I have a better idea between each one. Basically the firts one is a client/server symbiont and the other a client symbiont. More or less the same at Windows world, where you can have a print server where you configure the queue or a local queue.

Thanks for your help and the documentation!
Marcos Llano
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Re: Differences between different TCPIP queues

With the explication and links I have all that I need to understand the differences between each TCPIP queues