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Disconnected process

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Disconnected process


On my system it's a lot of (5-10) disconnected process. I'm not sure about the reason for it, but is it possible to prevent the creation of these processes and delete them automatically.

How is it possible to create these process?? Many user logon the VMS system with Hummingbird Exceed. Maybee that's the reason for it.

Regards geir

If you want to see the process listing I can include it if
Wim Van den Wyngaert
Honored Contributor

Re: Disconnected process

Probably the processses are using tcpip and are not using the keepalive option or have it configured with a too high timeout.

ucx set service xxx/prot...
ucx set prot tcp ...

Bart Zorn_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: Disconnected process

AFAIK, you get a disconnected processes when you have the following:

- set the %X20000 bit in TTY_DEFCHAR2

- enabled virtual terminals (VTA devices)

- define the logical name TCPIP$TELNET_VTA (or TCPIP$RLOGIN_VTA if you are using rlogin)

- the connection between your system and your PC (or whatever you telnet from) gets disconnected.

This disconnected process disappears when TTY_TIMEOUT seconds have elapsed. Before that, the owner of the process can reconnect to the process by logging in again and answering to the question if he wants to reconnect.

Hope this helps

Bart Zorn

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Disconnected process


In general disconnected processes are your friend. When a terminal session is disconnected, (modem line drops, PC crashes, etc...) instead of losing your work, you have TTY_TIMEOUT seconds to reconnect to the session and continue.

There are several things you need to do to enable the feature, so before doing anything drastic, please try to determine who enabled them and why.

Also check that your users understand disconnected sessions, and are reconnecting if prompted when they login. Look at SHOW USERS/FULL to see if there are any users logged in, and also with disconnected processes where the terminal is listed as "VTAnnn". Let them know they should accept the

"Enter termninal to connect to [VTA123:]:"


"Connect to above listed process [YES]:"


One other thing to check... on some systems you may see "(disconnected)" processes in the SHOW USERS display, where the terminal is listed as "MBAnnnn:". These are DECwindows processes. Perfectly normal, and nothing to be concerned about.
A crucible of informative mistakes
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Re: Disconnected process


As Exceed serves as a X-server, usually each applciations (CMS, LSE, or any other VMS tools from exceed) started from exceed, will have one or more process in the system. Whenever Exceed gets crash (exceed setup issue, or exceed's applications issues, or user malfunctioning), the process started by exceed won't get killed automatically. Nowdays I am not using exceed, but I remember there is a "option" submenu under DECTerm menu, using which we can setup VMS process status after Exceed session ends.

Killing the disconnected process is not good idea, but if the processes are disconnected due to exceeed setup issues, then I would better re-install exceed. And these disconnected process are by exceed, then there is no harm killing them using $stop/id=pid.

I knew you already started one thread on this same issue. I would suggest to find the details about the disconncted process (username, processname, terminal name), then decide re-installing exceed.

Also make sure start_exceed_cde.com procedure not invoked by too many login command procedures (startup_vms, sylogin, and login.com), starting from sylogin will be fine.